The Bath That Changed My Life

There haven’t been a lot of experiments on why we get random insights in the bathroom but psychology does have a theory that describes a mental state that seems to foment these kinds of thoughts. It’s called the default mode network.

“You become less aware of your environment and more aware of your internal thoughts,” said John Kounios

A Little Love But Never Enough Love

“Next time he speaks to me like that I’ll leave” “Next time he stands me up I’ll leave” “Next time I ask what exactly we’re doing and he doesn’t give a good enough answer I’m leaving”

But you never do. Do you? Because there’s something poetic about that kind of love right? Because you just need to endure it a little longer it’ll all end well? No?

You Will Never Be Able To Earn Enough Love

I’m challenging myself a bit more each day, confronting the things I will no longer run from. In the spirit of that, I’ve read a number of books these last months and  all the authors told me to envision myself in 5-10 years and work backwards to now. I also started to seriously speak to…

Welp! I Dated A Psychopath

Picture all the “I Dated a psychopath” movies you’ve seen, just with my face as lead actress. Yup. It was beginning to look like a hollywood script I’d lived in for 7 months without knowing it. LOL. I dated a psychopath. One would assume the worst about psychopaths; you’re probably wondering if he strangled me…

Social Anxiety, My Achilles Heel

One time, I wanted to write about social anxiety as a caption for one of my Instagram posts. I’d typed out a lot of words then I thought it was ridiculously insane to use that as a caption. ‘it’s way too long ‘Kele. nobody will read it. Plus this is Nigeria what is social anxiety,…