Retail Therapy – Thrift Shopping In Lagos

He slammed the door so hard, he almost unhinged it. How could anyone have suggested the idea of thrift shopping in his precious house-hold? 

We were well below average at this point (We lived in an uncompleted building without floors and a toilet) so my little mind concluded this type of shopping must be reserved for the ones even poorer. Maybe, wretched.

Rape Culture; How Many More Women?

I’m angry and hurting, and every single day I see more women like me. Some much worse, and you wonder how many more? what did we do to deserve such a cursed fate? There was Uwa, and most recently, Toyin Salau. Bright young women who are now dead because someone felt entitled enough to their bodies, and took it. Then brutally ended their lives also.

The Bath That Changed My Life

There haven’t been a lot of experiments on why we get random insights in the bathroom but psychology does have a theory that describes a mental state that seems to foment these kinds of thoughts. It’s called the default mode network.

“You become less aware of your environment and more aware of your internal thoughts,” said John Kounios

The Pain Of Forgiveness

It’s painful revisiting and processing what hurt you. Letting go isn’t any easier but if you don’t, they win. Again.

Breakfast Thoughts: Healing Or Coping?

Hanging out with smart women is one of the most enjoyable things for me, and as usual, I had one of the most insightful conversations on trauma when I had breakfast with one of my favorite women over the weekend. I learned pretty early to ‘suck it up and move on’ and so sometimes I…

Back-Packing Across West-Africa (All You Need To Know)

Wondering how I got on the road? here’s the full story again Back-Packing Across West-Africa I found the following tips helpful on this journey and based on popular demand, decided to share. Pack a substantial amount of French in your language bag Plis Mon Ami, your English will not save you, even if your English is…

The Smiley (Frenulum) Piercing: Everything You Need to Know About It

I should pray more often that my spontaneity doesn’t put me in trouble but life is only one at the end of the day right? It was a typical Mani and Pedi day at my favorite nail bar and somewhere along the lines of deciding what nails to go with I ended up coloring…

You Will Never Be Able To Earn Enough Love

I’m challenging myself a bit more each day, confronting the things I will no longer run from. In the spirit of that, I’ve read a number of books these last months and  all the authors told me to envision myself in 5-10 years and work backwards to now. I also started to seriously speak to…

The Shared Apartment Experience

I’m the kind of the girl to buy a new bathing sponge and doormat to match the fresh aesthetic ideas I have in my head and so when it was time to get my first apartment in Lagos I knew I was stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. The devil would either be…