Social Media Challenges Faced by Small Business Owners

Once thought of as just a passing fad, social media has had a tremendous impact on business over the past decade. Social platforms like Twitter and Facebook have transformed how people communicate and, in the process, have changed how businesses interact with customers.

Is The Magic In Presets? Creating An Aesthetically Pleasing Feed

If your dream is to have your feed look like an amazing vacation to Seychelles but you are a student in Ikere Ekiti 300 miles away from a beach, you’re doing something wrong. Pick something that works for the environment you spend most of your time in or you will run out of ideas quickly.

Instagram For Small Businesses: Tips On Building A Community

Long gone are the days when Instagram was just an app for sharing fire photos with cool captions for our fans, family, and frenemies. The platform has since grown into a powerful tool for connection and engagement, especially for businesses and brands. Instagram now makes it possible to sell your products to tons of people…