My name is Aina Dada and I’m a content creator.
Growing up, we reared the chicken we ate, my father played the guitar and told us tales under the moonlight, we had a parrot that could talk and a monkey that was nuts.  I thought it was a normal life till I moved to the city. There, I realised it was a unique one.

Turns out I have a quirk. Ha—ha, ha–ha
But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. My quirk has also made me more adventurous, and keener to observation.

Social media is my playground and my uniform is always dirty. My specialties include content creation and strategy,  marketing automation and social media management.

With about five years of experience curating and executing content for brands across various industries, I have covered fashion, self development, health, travel out of many others. I use content to create connection.

I enjoy traveling; I recently traveled across West Africa by road for 45 days, doocumenting everything along the way.

I love the little things of life.
Hugs, little notes, time with family and friends, cold nights, good food, soft rock, words, vintage clothing, surprises, and cocktails with the right amount of vodka.

I hope to have a few tiny tattoos and extra piercings, travel the world and make beautiful memories.

This is your journey through my head, and heart. Hope you enjoy it… And stick around.

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