Why You Cannot Afford To Travel

Some years ago, my biggest phobia was darkness; then, once I’d been broke broke for a while, I realized it was poverty. 

I have always been scared of the same things most of us are: instability, unpredictability, and suffering.

You might agree that you, too, are terrified of not having a regular income and a secure job and not being able to live and enjoy life with a healthy bank balance comfortably. My friends might have learned never to ask me for work advice because the first thing I say is quit. I have grown out of the idea that one needs to stay at a job that costs you your peace because you’re unsure if you’ll get another.

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know some bits about my love for travel. My last road trip lasted 45 days through 7 West African countries. It has not always been a comfortable or wondrous experience, but as of yet, none of the challenges or obstacles have made me think about quitting. And neither should they stop you from travelling in the first place.

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford To Travel

You’re Bad and Bougie

I stopped entering ‘Danfo’ years ago. I’d much rather stay home than subject myself to that torture to go anywhere. And so stay home I did more often than not. But when it was time to get on the road, I gladly entered rickety little cabs; bike rides became my favourite thing, and eventually, I fell in love with Night bus rides with strangers. It’s one of the things I look forward to how the night makes everyone talk a little more. Laugh a little harder.

I ate roadside food, something I would not have imagined doing back at home. You can be bad and bougie when you’re rich, but if you really want to travel on a shoestring budget, you have to shed all your expectations and prepare for anything.

You’re Scared Of Change

The first time I quit a job in my life was after a feeding pact with my neighbour. My boss was an ass, worse than the first that I had to deal with for years. The entire time I worked there, I never received my full salary. It was one thing or another. Then, harassment started to creep in.

On the way home one day, I broke down in my neighbour’s car. He promised to feed me, worst case, and I never went back to that office. I was jobless for a stretch, and that’s when I picked up freelancing. I didn’t know what would happen after quitting, but I was ready to face it. A lot of us are so scared of change that we allow the fear to cripple us.

‘I don’t know about that, so I’ll rather not.’

If this year has taught me anything, it is that you only have control over so much. Everything changes, whether you’re ready for it or not.

Your Career Or Job Defines You

So what do you do?

This question pops up very quickly after meeting someone. In a way, it helps to assess what pedestal to place them on. This is how the society is wired. And so we have expectations of who the cool and creamy folks should be.

From Uni, you read blindly through to finish with a first-class so that you can get into the top companies that only recruit first-class graduates. You do get in, the salary is hefty as well, but now you’re working 7 am to 10 pm, and your weekends aren’t yours either.

You are not the achievements you have built up on your resume or the promotions you have gained, or the title on a name badge. Yes, you should strive for success and be proud of your achievements, but if you choose a different path, even for a short while, that’s okay, and it isn’t a regressive move.  

Maybe some people enjoy living to work instead of working to live, and if that’s the path that truly makes you happy, then it’s okay.

I like to think that first, I can focus on selfish exploration and adventure and that I don’t need the outward markers of success to feel good inside. 

Life Is Unpredictable, But You Can Bet On Death

In the past year, there’s been quite some loss in my circle. The most painful part was that they passed on doing the most seemingly ordinary things like going home from work, hanging out at the beach after a school session. It makes you question everything.

You have to take many precautions while going on road trips, but it isn’t such a scary thing to do. I mean, how safe are you anywhere anyway?

Our lives take the oddest and harshest of turns at times without warning.

You’re Obsessed With Routine

Our daily lives often become made up of routines and habits, rarely deviating from a regular cycle of actions and emotions. It can feel like nothing is exciting or inspiring when we are lost in a rat race.

If you ALWAYS work a Monday to Friday, ALWAYS eat Pizza on a Wednesday, ALWAYS party on Friday, and ALWAYS sleep in on a Saturday, is it possible to ever feel anything other than entirely predictable feelings that are okay and fine, but they are just that, fine

Travel is unpredictable, in a good way; every day can bring something new and never-before-experienced, and it can completely reinvigorate your senses and alter your world-view. It can make you fall back in love with life, enough not to need the safety of predictable routines all the time.

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