Procrastination Issues? What Worked For Me


Procrastination Definition

“Trouble persuading yourself to do the things you should do. When you procrastinate, instead of working on important, meaningful tasks, you find yourself performing trivial activities.”

I have become very well adapted to working under pressure because everything important typically waits until I’m dancing on the deadline. I can’t tell if it stems from my love for dangerous situations but you probably already know it’s because of procrastination.

You never really set out for it to happen like that. You just find yourself going back to cleaning your room 3 times daily while your website sits, like most of your other businesses, unattended to. Life is a little too hard right now so you need to hang your boots for 2 weeks.

That’s okay.

Then a week longer so you can focus on self-care, and another week because you remember you haven’t really gotten over your childhood crush.

It piles on, and in 6 months you’re a drunk and a couch potato with not a lot going. If you’re lucky you’ll manage to get by on a couple of freelance gigs and do just fine.

But will you be fine? Most of your potentials will lay buried under the fat that must be accumulating around your belly by now.


LMAO just trying to push my message with some tough love because you’ll need it.

What Is Your Life Worth To You?

This was a question I had to answer to get off my butt. Life is as bad as you can imagine, no doubt about that and you’ve had to drink from its unending rivers of pain.

That’s life. What will you make of yourself after that?

I have been dealt with some harsh cards myself; losing my Father at 12 and having to deal with countless cases of sexual harassment. Enough to make you hate yourself and be constantly angry at the world but you quickly learn to mask it and that consumes you. It’s a good distraction but I need you to know your life is passing you by. You will never get back this time you’re losing, and you never really know how much time you have left.

Show Up For You

I’m grateful I’ve always had some form of a support system but nobody has a perfect life. Your stretcher-bearers will need to focus on their lives at some point so you’ll need to hold yourself accountable. It’s painful, on some days all you’ll want to do is sit in a dark corner and eat some more ice cream with a snotty nose and swollen eyes but you’ve done that all week and it’s time for a change. Take a walk, (even if you have to roll out the door) take a bath, and wear a bright colored T-shirt. You’ll be surprised how much of a change this will bring.

Sometimes, It’s The Wrong Things

Why can’t you just get it done? I have found that half the time I can’t get a job done (to standard) it’s usually because it’s not for me. I largely understand what stresses me, and I know my productivity peaks when I’m working on projects I love so I try not to take on jobs outside that space. Sometimes there won’t be much of a choice, I find ways to reward myself for doing a good job. A spa treat, fancy earrings, pepper soup, etc 😂 If this ultimately doesn’t work then I know it’s not for me and I walk away but without regrets and a bagful of life-lessons.

DISCLAIMER – Some people crave stability and this doesn’t seem much like a solid plan and that’s also okay.

Retail Therapy – Go Thrift Shopping

Retail therapy is an effective, though potentially expensive, coping mechanism. A study published in the journal Psychology and Marketing revealed that shopping can improve a sour mood.

Fully thrifted, neck to toe

One of the ways I get my dead bones to rise again is by thrift shopping. The bargains are unbeatable. For example, You can get a Tshirt for as little as 100NGN and you’ll feel much better for it.

Once your mood improves, it’s easier to focus and be productive.

To-Do Lists

Long to-do lists scare me into procrastination. Seeing the long list of tasks can likely send you back to bed. What I do is pick 3 VERY important things to do in one day, then I stack it with 3 enjoyable but equally important tasks for the day so I have even extra motivation to work.

A typical example – You need to exercise and you’re also trying to learn to dance so maybe split your workout time in two. Go hard for the first half and dance the rest away. 2 Birds, one stone.

What procrastination is not

Procrastination Is Not Laziness

Procrastinators move doing things to the very last moment. In my case, I spend time staring at the sky and re-arranging my room.

Lazy people, simply don’t do anything and are just fine with it. Procrastinators, on the other hand, have the desire to actually do something but can’t force themselves to start.

If you’re half as committed to being the procrastinator I was, you’ll spend quarter-time doing what you should do. I’m typically constantly on the lookout for lazy hacks and safe shortcuts BUT it’s really it’s more of working smart than working hard.

Procrastination Is Not Relaxation

Don’t confuse procrastination with relaxation either. Relaxing recharges you while procrastination drains you. The more you push = the less time you have = the more anxious you become = the less energy you have and an even higher chance of you putting off your responsibilities.

So the opposite of procrastination is actually getting things done, and being able to relax, deal with your workload well and be happy in the long term.

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