The Bath That Changed My Life

We’re all geniuses in the bathroom, sorting through numerous innovative ideas as we probably scroll mindlessly through our cellphones while perched on our toilet seats. For some people, it happens while taking a walk. I’m no different, but my favorite daydream time happens on massage tables.

There hasn’t been a lot of experiments on why we get random insights in the bathroom but psychology does have a theory that describes a mental state that seems to foment these kinds of thoughts. It’s called the default mode network. “You become less aware of your environment and more aware of your internal thoughts,” said John Kounios

I developed a habit of visiting the spa every other month at my former job. Incidentally, my colleague who almost made me pull out my hair happened to be my spa date (spa dates foster dangerously cozy relationships I can tell you). We’d spend our lunch breaks scouring the internet for spa deals.

It was the best, that brand new feeling after being thoroughly exfoliated and polished neck-down. Or so I thought.

(Dealdey was the plug back then but there hasn’t been a replacement since they packed up. If you know any spas that might be offering discounts please, plug a sis).

In one of my research sessions, I stumbled on this article that vividly described the euphoria that envelopes you after taking a full shower. The “deep-condition your hair, detox and exfoliate your body, foot scrub and massage” kind of bath. I remembered a conversation a friend and I had once about how we pay more attention to some body parts over others while we shower. Not intentionally, it just happens.

How would you have a proper shower? you pay attention to every inch of your body. Exfoliation, polishing, moisturizing, conditioning your hair, detox foot soak, the whole spa treatment, just full option, and DIY.

Armed with this information, scented candles, and my DIY body scrub, I ventured into my bathroom one afternoon. Every inch scrubbed, devoting as much attention to my face as the soles of my feet transported me deeper into the euphoria the internet promised.

2 wine bottles and probably a full tank later, I finally felt brand new.

I’d forgiven the silly gateman that locked me out, my ex-landlord that refused to give me back my caution fee, and the former employer that still owes me salary 3 years after. Also, I cooked up a branding plan for my business, built my beach apartment, and had a flat stomach. (just kidding, but anything was achievable for me in that minute).

I’ve recommended this to a number of people and they’ve given me great feedback, so, try this?

If you feel stuck or you just need a quick reset, Take a life-changing shower?

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