You may have seen pictures of Île de Gorée in the background of photos of the Obama family, Stevie Wonder, even Nelson Mandela.
Designated as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, Gorée is an ironic cocktail of pain and beauty.

Connect With Yourself

For the longest time, I had the poorest relationship with myself. I sought external validation while my inner dialogue was critical, harsh and negative. I suffered very badly from the famous “imposter syndrome”. I didn’t even know who I was under all the layers of guilt, expectation, and anxiety I had built up around me. It…

How To Eat Street Food Anywhere In The World Without Getting Food Poisoning

The tips above are not 100 guaranteed and even the most resilient stomachs can be affected by a food misstep. It’s the risk you take while sampling strange foods.
If you get food poisoning or a stomach illness, then a visit to a local doctor might be in order. Many of them are familiar with traveler’s diarrhea but also with any lingering viruses circulating in the region.