Nomad Diaries: Ghana In 72 Hours On A Budget


The Third and final leg of my little ” West Africa on a budget tour” was going to take me to Ghana and I was estatic. The last 24 hours in Togo had been quite unpleasant and I could have walked all night to leave.

I had stayed in Hotel Agbeviade, Kpalime and after a very generous tip, the attendant was able to get a bike that’d take me through a short back road to Ho district, Ghana in 2Hours.



I was running low on funds at this point and had to cut out the highlights of my trip including the safari or anything that cost over 40dollars, including accommodation per day.  Tight right?

It took about an hour to get to the Ghanaian border where I was granted a 1-month visa on arrival, then took a cab from a park right next to the border to African hill resort ( finally a 3 star hotel, the first “luxurious” bit of the trip) where I would spend night ( Usually, I advice that hotels be booked before-hand,  I use Jumia travels and there are loads of discounts there all the time).


Lunch at the hotel was Banku and Shitto; I’m not sure I’ll ever understand how anyone can eat and enjoy it because that soup was literally raw… Have they been doing it for clout? The hotel recommended a cab driver that took us around and I set out shortly after lunch.




This was the first stop and the chatty driver had taken me through the whole of Ghana during the ride through the mountains to get there. We rehearsed the Ghanian accent a bit in the cab and he encouraged me to sprinkle “CHALE” freely in my sentences to blend in more. It worked and I paid less than I would have as a non-Ghanian.

There wasn’t a lot to see here, just a nice short walk through a mini-forest till we got to where the monkeys were nested.

They were really friendly when I had bananas, ate it off right my hands but once that was finished they vanished.

Reminds me of some people.


This was the highlight of my trip, it was either this or Mole National Park and this was the cheapest option.

Wli waterfall

The waterfall had 2 levels, the closest was a 45-minutes hike away while the second was a 2-hour-hike. You’re right, I settled for the 45-minute hike and we began our journey.

5 Minutes in, we saw a cannabis farm and decided to pay the farmer a visit. He told us all about how he’d left the city to become a ganja farmer and take care of the jungle because a voice told him to. He gifted us a freshly-rolled joint, then lit the half stick he had and passed to us.

You know what they say, never reject a joint.

It was over in a few drags and we were on our way  to our destination. I had the best hiking experience and when after what seemed like 100 years,  we finally came upon the water, I almost cried happy tears. It was all so beautiful and the farmer made life more colorful.

The driver beat me to the water, he went in with his clothes on. Lol.

We were all buzzed, the sun was hot and the water was a welcome relief. I suddenly remembered how I’d almost broken my neck under the trickle in Togo and strengthened my resolve to never go there again.

The driver mentioned that the waterfall responded to noises, and once we started howling at the top of our voices and clapping the water came down harder. Or so we thought. But everyone soon joined in and we had a blast.

I was mesmerized, I’d never seen anything like this and I decided to move closer to the fall. As close as I could. I was so high, I could feel the water grow hands and pull me in. Shortly after I started this journey in, I started to hear voices calling me home. The audacity with which I walked to the fall, it was as though my kingdom was awaiting me behind the water.

Casually strutting back from my kingdom lmao

Someone’s voice snatched me out of my reverie, I came back to my senses and ran back to where everyone else was. We played about for a bit more till everyone was sober, and then the munchies hit. We all felt like little demons were trying to crawl out of our bellies and the journey back to the car took 30 minutes, 15 minutes shorter than it should have.

We set out to Accra, stopping by a roadside vendor for some perfumed rice and local stew, the tastiest meal I had the entire time. We arrived about 11pm, and I hadn’t booked any hotel so i had to go to some motel the driver recommended.

The owner almost kicked me out by 2am btw, but that’s another story.

Even though I traded the parts of the trip I’d anticipated the most, my Wli waterfall experience was absolutely beautiful and it made every moment worth it.

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    Thank you Glory the joint – unrejector LOL

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    You’re a great writer!

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