When Is Mourning Enough?

When Is Mourning Enough? Childhood is a shield. You’re shielded from loss, protected from the emptiness that comes from it. I remember the first time anything died around me; it was our snow-white monkey named ice that my father really loved. I saw him cry for the first time, and I couldn’t make sense of…

Budget Travel 2021 – A Beginners Guide

Your local currency will have more value in some areas as opposed to others. Do some research and gather information on exchange rates to find the best place to fit your budget. You’ll live like a king in Bali for a month on 1000$, and you won’t get by for a week on that in more expensive destinations.

Social Media Challenges Faced by Small Business Owners

Once thought of as just a passing fad, social media has had a tremendous impact on business over the past decade. Social platforms like Twitter and Facebook have transformed how people communicate and, in the process, have changed how businesses interact with customers.

Why You Cannot Afford To Travel

Our daily lives often become made up of routines and habits, rarely deviating from a regular cycle of actions and emotions. It can feel like nothing is exciting or inspiring when we are lost in a rat race.

Retail Therapy – Thrift Shopping In Lagos

He slammed the door so hard, he almost unhinged it. How could anyone have suggested the idea of thrift shopping in his precious house-hold? 

We were well below average at this point (We lived in an uncompleted building without floors and a toilet) so my little mind concluded this type of shopping must be reserved for the ones even poorer. Maybe, wretched.

Rape Culture; How Many More Women?

I’m angry and hurting, and every single day I see more women like me. Some much worse, and you wonder how many more? what did we do to deserve such a cursed fate? There was Uwa, and most recently, Toyin Salau. Bright young women who are now dead because someone felt entitled enough to their bodies, and took it. Then brutally ended their lives also.

Procrastination Issues? What Worked For Me

Your stretcher-bearers will need to focus on their lives at some point so you’ll need to hold yourself accountable. It’s painful, on some days all you’ll want to do is sit in a dark corner and eat some more ice cream with a snotty nose and swollen eyes but you’ve done that all week and it’s time for a change. Take a walk, (even if you have to roll out the door) take a bath, and wear a bright colored Tshirt. You’ll be surprised how much of a change this will bring.

5 Life Lessons I Learnt After 45 Days On The Road

On this same perilous bus to Senegal, we met Sarah; a food trader from Ivory Coast married to a Nigerian man. A phenomenal woman if you ask me. She got most of us on the bus to organize a bonfire that we danced around, despite that we were all muttering under our breaths, praying to our local deities to save us. You really don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere by 11 pm. Interestingly, only a few people spoke a common language but that didn’t matter.